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The 28' ‘Its Halibut Time’ Crew

a man holding a fish

My name is William Lau.  I’ve fished for more than 30 years. Of the 3 areas I’ve fished the most in the US, others being SoCal and Florida,  I enjoy Homer the most.

Have fished the area since 2013 so I’m familiar with the tide, current and the bottom.

In addition to the fun full day Halibut trips, I enjoy the long range trips because in addition to getting halibuts, it gives us a good opportunity to get nice rock fish including Ling Cod, and do well in finding yellow eye rockfish for my clients. I fish hard to find your catches while always wanting to make it fun. Safety and comfort is my main focus also. I will always make time to enjoy whale sightings.

You’ve come a long way to Homer, Alaska, so I want to make sure your fishing trip would add much more excitement to your trip.

‘It’s Halibut Time’ with Captain Billy!