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Salmon Fishing & Bear Viewing Combo Charter


Guided Bear Viewing & Salmon Fishing

One very enjoyable way to see bears and fish for salmon on the same trip. You’ll experience the thrill of flying to the west side of Cook Inlet to Redoubt Bay from our floatplane base in Soldotna. 10,000 foot volcanoes can be seen on either side of the plane as you descend to the lake where our guide will load you into one of our 18 foot boats to begin your salmon fishing and bear viewing day in Alaska. The guide provides spinning rods & reels, the fishing tackle for Sockeye or Coho salmon, rain gear, hip boots, and bug repellant if needed. Beavers, otters, ducks, loons, swans and Bald eagles also inhabit the area and both black bears and Brown bears will fish for salmon although not at the same time. June 10th through August 20th.

In August the Coho (silver salmon) return to their spawning grounds in Crescent Lake. This season starts as early as August 10 and goes to September 15th.